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Power Lead System!!!

I'm currently on vacation in the Philippines, Sangabon Leyte to be exact. I had no intentions at first of making a replicated funnel, however; I've received several request for the one I'm using. 

We have very slow internet, but I can't complain, 20 years ago there wasn't even power. And a nepahut bamboo type house used to sit where this one is now.


I'm not suffering by any means, but my internet is too slow to upload video instructions. So I've written them in steps for you.

Step 1. Join Power Lead System.


Step 2. Log in and turn these boxes Green.

Step 3. Go to companies You Promote

From the Drop down choose ORU Marketplace

Enter your ORU Marketplace referral link. If you need your referrer's again here it is: ORU Marketplace.

You can find your ORU referral link for people to join Your ORU team, at the bottom of your ORU profile.

Step 4. Under my websites look the right hand side for sharing codes and enter: 621258-oru

Once you have added the sharecode, you can log in and assign a domain or subdomain to the funnel.


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